Greetings from Camp Peniel!
Sunshine and temps in the 70’s at camp today! Praying this finds you doing well and enjoying the Christmas season. 16 days until Christmas…are you ready?
Imagine being a teenage girl who has just heard from the angel Gabriel that she has found favor with God and will give birth to the Savior of the world. Umm…not the normal day of a teenager. She was not quite sure how to process the experience initially but listen to the final words Gabriel spoke to her, “For nothing is impossible with God.” Have you remembered that powerful promise this year? When you or those around you have been sick? When “quarantining” was a much scarier term? Maybe your job shifted or was lost? When I sat at my desk wondering how summer camp would look and then again, at that same desk, after our early shutdown concerned about unreached campers and the looming financial crisis. This is a promise that we can cling to and live out as we turn the page on 2020 and look forward to how He will work change lives in 2021! Listen anew to Mary’s response, ‘I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May it be to me as you have said.’” (Luke 1:37-38a) Trust and obey. Easy to say but hard to do sometimes, right?   Whatever your situation this Christmas season, remember that nothing is impossible with the Lord, walk in obedience, and He is faithful thru all things!
Christmas Family Fun Day will be held at camp this Saturday, Dec. 12th from 1-7P! What a great time to have fun as a family with all the favorite camp activities and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. And the added bonus is that it’s all free! Come to camp for some free family fun and remember the “Reason for the season!”
If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a counselor this summer we would love to hear from you! We’ll be having a Summer Staff Recruitment weekend January 22-24, 2021 at camp which is a great opportunity to learn more about camp and how the Lord can use you to have an eternal impact in the lives of campers! If you have questions or would like more information please contact Grayson Davis!
Are you looking for a great opportunity to provide a Christmas gift for your kids or grandkids that will last a lifetime? Look no further! From now until Dec. 15th if you register your child or grandchild for a week of summer camp you will receive $20 off the fee plus you will receive a gift packet prior to Christmas that you can place under the tree for them! God changes lives at camp for a lifetime and we’d love to see that happen for them here in the summer of 2021! If you have questions feel free to contact Savannah Traylor.

Thanksgiving Camp occurred last month and it was wonderful! Here is a comment from one of the families, “Our family has been coming for 19 years and they look forward to it all year!” It’s exciting to be at a place where God is at work!
As we approach the end of 2020 I’m wondering if you would prayerfully consider sending an extra year-end gift to Camp Peniel? Donating to Camp Peniel is a practical way for you to support and be integrally involved in how God is changing lives at camp like those listed below!
·        “I learned that no matter the time and place God will work in your heart because he has a purpose for you and it will be fulfilled.” – Work Crew Member

·        “Even with struggles occurring, we saw two guy campers give their lives to the Lord @ High School Camp! So cool how God works!” – Program Staff
·        “On the drive home from camp, he asked to be baptized. He blew his dad and I away with quoting Bible verses. He even said “Did you know that Jesus said, ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do?!” He couldn’t believe it. We told him that he could get baptized only if he understands what it means and it has to be his decision. His response was amazing… it was obvious that he wanted a fresh start and to be forgiven of his sins. He was baptized yesterday at Barton Springs… I am so so grateful that my son found that connection this week.” – Boys’ Camp Parent
Your support is essential as we seek to accomplish our mission of bringing people to a face to face relationship with God through Christ-centered adventures. Please consider giving via our website, sending a check, or transferring stock monies to camp if you would like to join us in impacting the lives of campers for Eternity! Thank you so much!
Save the date and mark your calendars for the Fellowship Banquet on Saturday, January 30th! This year we’ll be meeting here at camp and hearing how the Lord has transformed lives throughout the unique elements of 2020 and the exciting plans being made for 2021! More details to come on the website!
Thank you for all of the prayers and support for camp! Let’s remember that nothing is impossible with the Lord and walk in obedience and I’ll see ‘ya Tuesday!
Fixed on the Cross,
Greetings from Camp Peniel!
Well, we have been reminded that it is indeed fall, with a little bit of needed rain today and temps in the low 40’s! Hope this update finds you enjoying sunshine, rain, or maybe even snow!
Do you remember the “firsts” in your life? First day of school, first job, first heartbreak, first car, first child, first grandchild…and the list can go on. In Acts 3 we find Peter and John experiencing the first opportunity for the Lord to perform a miracle through them. Walking to the temple in the mid-afternoon they came upon a life-long paraplegic who begged them to give him some money. Their response is not one of temporary relief but one of long-term, life-giving hope. “…Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Acts 3:6b And that is exactly what the man did. The first apostolic miracle occurred when Jesus’ name was spoken, the directive “walk” was given and then the man jumped up as he was immediately healed! Can you imagine what it would have been like to have been there for that? Amazing! Is there something the Lord is asking you to do for Him that may be a first for you? Asking Christ to be your Lord & Savior, sharing your faith with someone else, standing for what you believe? What is your “first” that He’s calling you to do? Bağlama Büyüsü
Save the Date! Saturday, Dec. 12th we will host our free Christmas Family Fun Day at camp! More details to come but we don’t want you to miss out!
Come join the students attending Adventure School at Camp Peniel! Education packed with fun, Christ-centered adventures, what a great combo! If you are immersed in homeschooling, online/virtual school or maybe a mixture of all of the above we are excited to offer Adventure School at Camp Peniel Wednesdays this fall!  Each Wednesday thru November 18th will have built-in time for school curriculum with Wi-Fi access, camp skills classes (all-sports, archery, survival …) as well as other camp activities mixed in! You can choose to come each week or certain weeks based on your needs. Click here for more details and how to register!
If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a counselor this summer we would love to hear from you! We’ll be having a summer staff recruitment weekend Dec. 4-6 at camp which is a great opportunity to learn more about camp and how the Lord can use you to have an eternal impact in the lives of campers! If you have questions or would like more information please contact Grayson Davis!
High School Weekend and the final M/D Horse Retreat for the year will be Nov. 20-22. We have systems in place to do our best to curb the spread of COVID-19 and allow campers to experience the Lord face to face through Christ-centered adventures! Here is just one comment from one of the ladies attending Ladies Camp, “the best Ladies’ Camp (we) ever experienced-was AWESOME!” Head to the website to register for great opportunities to be encouraged by the Lord and make lasting memories!
Camp’s annual Golf Tournament will be held Oct. 31st (this Saturday) at Delaware Springs Golf Course! We’d love for you to become a sponsor and/or join us for a great day of golf as we seek to raise money for camp where campers hear the Gospel and grow deeper in the Lord. Head to the website for more information and to register!
Thank you for all of the prayers and support for camp! Your continued prayers are so needed and any gift you share partners with us in providing opportunities where God will transform lives! Let’s make a point follow Him to our “firsts” and I’ll see ‘ya Tuesday!
Fixed on the Cross,

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