Summer Employment at Camp Peniel

  •  Comprehensive paid Staff Training
  •  Starts late May till first week in August
  •  Room, Board, and Stipend provided
  •  Awesome Spiritual growth support
  •  Lifelong friends

Welcome to our online staff system.

Thank you for your inquiry within our camp ministry for an employment opportunity. We have moved over to a new system and you may have to create a new profile. This application is for all Summer Staff positions (counselor, assistant directors, support staff positions, etc).

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Camp Peniel is a small, Christ centered, and relationship focused summer camp. Our goal is to provide outdoor adventures for our campers that will point them to their Heavenly Father & allow them time and space to meet Him face-to-face. We want to meet camper’s right where they are, come alongside them in their journey, & instill in them that they are loved and valued just as they are, not only by us, but by the Creator of the Universe. We believe that our campers should have the opportunity to experience just being a kid as they leave the pressure of the world behind for a week. We strive to create a safe & exciting place for them to live life to the fullest.

The staff at Peniel operates as a tribe. A tribe is a division in traditional society that consists of a group of people linked for a number of different reasons, led by a recognized leader. We are linked by the gospel, our love for God’s kids, our enjoyment of creation, & our desire to have a lot of fun. Our leader is Jesus & we strive to imitate Him in all that we do, especially in our love.

Our summer staff is paid $90 for our staff training and approximately $225 a week thereafter. Housing is provided as well as food. (And, not your average camp food.) Time off varies depending on what role you hold in a particular week. We hire less than 50 counselors in the summer which gives us the opportunity to really get to know everyone on staff & operate more as a family. There is not a cookie cutter person that we look for. Rather, we hire young people from all different walks of life, with different hobbies, talents, & gifts. Our hope is that diversity in our staff will enable each of our campers to be able to point to someone on staff that “gets” them. It also gives us the opportunity to practice and demonstrate loving those that are different than us.


When someone is hired as a counselor at Camp Peniel, they are hired for four different positions. Every week, our counselors rotate and assume a new role working with a new group of kids and with a new core group of staff members.

Resident Counselor

Our overnight counselors are responsible to lead a group of 8-10 campers, ages 8-14 with another member of our counseling staff or a counselor-in-training. Counselors are responsible for the physical (including hygiene), emotional, & spiritual well being of their campers from Sunday afternoon until Saturday morning. During this time, they will teach skills classes, play, participate in big camp games, play, lead nightly devotions, play, spend quality time getting to know their campers, being a friend to them & seizing every opportunity to share the gospel.

Day Camp Counselor

Our day camp program serves kids 6-10 years old. The campers arrive at 9 AM & hang out with us until 4 PM. The campers are divided into tribes based on age & gender. Each day camp counselor will have a tribe of up to 6 campers. Day camp counselors spend their days in a sprint moving from activity to activity in an effort to give their campers as many experiences as possible. We want our day campers to experience adventure, to use their imagination, to grow in confidence as they try new things, & to learn more about their Creator. Our Day Camp counselors walk with them in all of these things!

Adventure Camp Counselor

Adventure Camps are held off-site at different city parks in the Austin/Highland Lakes area. These are essentially a shorter version of our Day Camp program and each is a little different depending on the park and what facilities are offered. Adventure Camp counselors travel from camp to the park and will help with the set up, implementation, and tear down of the program daily. Again, our hope is that the time will be filled with imaginative play and conversations full of love, value, and the truth of the Gospel for the glory of God.

Support Staff

There are weeks in which our counselors are not responsible for a specific group of kids, but instead serve in a supporting role to all the programs running. Our staff learns a lot of flexibility these weeks as they are asked to do a myriad of tasks such as teaching skills classes, monitoring day camp lunch, life guarding, setting up night programs, running afternoon activities, etc. This is not a break week from ministry, only an opportunity to do ministry differently as you serve the needs of not only the campers, but of the counseling staff as well.

We are looking for young men & women who have:

  1.  Minimum age of 18.
  2.  Minimum of completion of 1 year post-high school
  3.  Possesses a sincere love for God, a desire to know and serve Him  personally, and a passion for evangelism and discipleship with young  people
  4.  A person who by Christian character, lives a lifestyle “above reproach” [1 Timothy 3], is approachable by campers, staff and volunteers.
  5.  Is flexible and able to work with campers and other staff members
  6.  Possesses the ability to lead Bible studies, devotions, and teach young people Biblical truths in small group settings
  7.  A person with high moral standards and willingness to work
  8.  A person who is capable of working and communicating effectively with young people, staff, volunteers, and parents
  9.  Must be willing to forego personal rights for the common good of camp/camper.

Spiritual Growth

We want to make sure that we are providing opportunities for our summer staff to grow in their faith & ability to effectively lead their campers. Our leadership staff strives to walk alongside our summer staff in the same way we hope our summer staff walks with their campers, pouring into them as they pour themselves out.  We have time set aside for our staff to participate in bible study together led by our leadership staff to be filled with truth & to have time to share with one another. We also have a weekly program called Berea in which our staff can choose to spend their off period walking thru Scripture, led by a staff member or special guest. Our staff has many opportunities to teach as well & our leadership team will support & encourage them as they grow in how to prepare and lead their own campers.


    1. Perform duties in such a way that the camp will operate smoothly and effectively with Christ receiving the glory.
      • Encourage and lead by Christian example
      • Display a Christ-like willingness to serve the campers and staff.
    2. Understands and is committed to the mission, core values, philosophy, objectives, and Statement of Faith of Camp Peniel.
    3. Spend individual time with the Lord daily
    4. Pray for campers, staff, and volunteers daily


Counselor Training Week:

      1. Complete the courses of study to the best of your ability.
      2. Get to know the entire camp staff and its operation, especially the leadership team, and learn how they will be able to help you.
      3. Prepare yourself spiritually for serving the Lord in the summer
      4. Prepare nightly devotions for one week.
      5. Prepare several games, hikes, stories for your cabin
      6. Prepare to teach your morning skills
      7. Read Camp Staff Training manual materials

Regular Camp Sessions:

      1. Be sensitive to the physical and spiritual needs of your campers.
      2. Be available to all campers –  no favoritism or bias towards any.
      3. Practice the two-adult rule – While talking with a camper, another adult must be able to clearly see the two of you at any point during your discussion.
      4. Talk personally, on-on-one with each camper in your cabin, giving each the opportunity to make a spiritual decision for Christ
      5. Take advantage of counseling situations, such as homesickness, and make them “teachable moments.”
      6. Be a part of your cabin group without being one of them. Campers look to the counselor for friendship but also for authority.
      7. Assist in program instruction wherever needed
      8.  As part of your spiritual ministry to your campers:
        • a. Attend camper Bible study times and participate as requested.
        • b. Lead cabin devotions
        • c. Lead campfire sharing time at cabin cookout.
      1. 9. Abide by & cooperate with camp policies to set the tone of the camp and help your campers do the same.

    10. Be responsible for the conduct and safety of your campers. make sure campers are appropriately dressed for their activities.

  1. Physical
    1. Notify the SPD beforehand if needing to be off-site during work-related hours.
    2. Dress Code:
      • Dress and appearance is to be a credit to Christ, the camp, and to be appropriate for the task at hand.

    Philosophy of Job Descriptions:  Camp Peniel seeks to accurately define and outline the expectations of those working in this ministry.  The above job description comprises almost all of the duties expected of the person holding the above position.  However, for the good of the ministry duties could be added, deleted or altered at a future date.  Any changes will be discussed with the employee and the ED (or designate) with sensitivity to all needs being addressed.  Job Descriptions will also be reviewed and updated annually