General Volunteers

Camp can always use friends who want to support the ministry with their time! In the summer, we use kitchen volunteers and cleanup volunteers to keep things running behind the scenes. During retreat season from September to May, our volunteers might help run activities for families, help serve and clean up in the dining hall, or even bring their musical talents to our meetings.

Medical Volunteers

Camp needs trained medical personnel who are ready to serve very active child populations! During the summer, certified nurses are needed for week-long shifts. During the fall and spring, certified nurses help with weekend camps that serve families.


Camp is always looking for potential board members. As a religious 501(c)3, Camp Peniel needs board members who are dedicated to Christ and dedicated to camp. Board members work to protect camp in a challenging legal and societal environment; the board meets quarterly to discuss camp business and pursue avenues for camp improvement. Please email Jenny Schindler with questions.


Camp needs financially savvy Christians who will work to protect and grow Camp Peniel’s financial stability. Duties include liaising with financial advisors, fundraising, and sharing quality financial wisdom with the board of directors.

Camp Peniel Alumni

If you have had your life changed by camp, we want to recruit you to tell your story! Our Peniel Ambassadors program exists to introduce new families to the life-changing work of Jesus through adventures here. That might include hosting an informational dinner, giving a presentation at church, or just being ready with a story of what Peniel is doing today.