Day Camp is for those not quite ready to stay overnight, but love daily adventures. Grades 4th and 5th have an overnight option on Thursday. This is a week your child will not forget!  Campers must be 6 years of age and going into 1st grade. The adventure begin on Mondays at 9:00 AM and end promptly at 4:00 PM.  Friday is our Pow Wow and parents /grandparents are invited to attend and starts at 3:00 PM. Camps fill quickly, register soon and get ready for the time of your life!


Seeking that Camp Peniel adventure closer to home, then Satellite camp is for you!  Adventure camps are a half day packed with fun and challenging activities like archery, canoeing, crafts, big size games, and so much more!  Our specially trained staff travels to Georgetown, Killeen and Lakeway to help your camper explore and grow in many areas. Campers will receive a water bottle, t-shirt, and a snack while they are spending time with us, all part of your registration!


Prepare yourself for that thrilling overnight adventure! That adventure begins with our resident camp and you! Our resident camp is for campers ages 8-18 years old. It is a week jammed packed with exciting adventures, challenging skills, & fun and outrageous activities. With over 70 years of programming experience that we rely on to provide the funnest and safest environment. Camp is thrilling, transforming, life changing & we can’t wait to share it with you! 

Summer Saddle Camp

1 Week Only! This is a brand new week at Camp Peniel! A week full of horseback riding and other equine activities! This is a day camp and spots are VERY limited! 


Parent Info

Health & Safety

Safety at camp is of utmost importance. We desire for all of our campers to have the experience of a lifetime, pursuing adventure and new challenges. We want them to have the opportunity to do all of this in a safe, managed environment.
Our health care staff consists chiefly of a registered nurse, who is responsible for the overall health of our campers and camp as a whole. An off-site physician reviews and approves in writing all standing orders which are revised and updated annually prior to each summer’s opening. Medical care is available on a 24-hour basis by our RN. A log is kept of any and all treatment provided.
Campers are required to have a health screening prior to their arrival at camp. This allows us to meet the specific needs of each camper, especially as it pertains to health and medication. Please visit our forms page to download the appropriate Health Form for your screening. All medications are turned in to the nurse upon arrival and will be dispensed as directed during a camper’s session.

Cabin Requests

We encourage campers to attend without concern for hometown buddies but we will make every effort to place your child with a special requested friend, if that friend also requests your child. We will not place more than 3 friends in the same cabin. With over 50 years of experience, we know this to be the best arrangement for all campers in the cabin. Coordinate your child’s cabin mate choices carefully and with the other camper parents as they need to agree with one another and must be within a year of the same grade. One of the real benefits of a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Encourage this openness and flexibility and they will have a great time!

Camper Contact

Campers love to get letters! There is something special about a hand-written letter that sets it apart from emails. We strongly encourage you to send hand-written letters for your camper to cherish at mail call (every day after lunch). Since “snail mail” can take three to five days for delivery, preparation (send letters even before camp begins) -but a hand-written letter is often kept for years, while emails are thrown away quickly. Take the time to write a letter; we think this is one of the most memorable parts of a camping experience. Mail will be delivered Monday through Friday to campers.

Address to:

Camper Name / Session #
Camp Peniel
397 Peniel Path
Marble Falls, TX 78654

Hand written letters are what campers most love, but we also deliver emails at mail call (if received by 10:00 a.m. Monday – Friday). Only registered family can send campers email through our password protected photo and email service. Email can be sent to your camper for an addition cost. You can purchase “Camp Stamps” once you have logged in to your account. Be sure to use all that you purchase. There will be no refunds for unused email. You will also want to be sure that you have not given out your user name and password. Anyone who has your user name and password would be able to send emails on your account. You will have the ability to change your user name and password if such a problem occurs. Remember: Campers are not able to respond to email. They are busy having fun outdoors!

“She always enjoys Ms. Emily and the horses! Her counselors were attentive and in tune with girls in cabin, providing good Biblical encouragement for her.”

“It was amazing. I felt God work with me because I had a lot of struggles lately. The environment at Camp Peniel is unlike no other. When I went back home it just wasn’t the same atmosphere. Everyone prayed for one another and their faith was so strong and it was just what I needed and was looking for. I’m back home now but I miss the feeling of being so elated like I had never been before. It was life changing.”

“He definitely came back kinder to his brothers and compliant to us parents. He was excited to go to church on Sunday. Thanks for all you do!”

” I always used to rely upon others to share my struggles but now I know that I have God Who is always there for me.”

“My husband and I prayed together for the first time and plan to continue to do so, especially with the children.”

“He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart!”

“We aren’t a religious family, but my children enjoyed the readings from the Bible. My daughter even requested a Bible that her counselor gave to her on the last day which she’s enjoying – thank you!”

“She was more diligent with memory verse work and stepping out of her comfort zone and getting to know new people.”

“God made it where I was really excited about memorizing verses and reading the Bible with KDs.”

“She would recite the phrases that were ‘chanted’ during the day like ‘Jesus Christ paid the price!’. She usually gets bored with Sunday School or VBS and I’ve wondered what she’s taking away from it. Camp Peniel was the perfect format for her to be open to receiving a message. About the same time as camp, she saw a baptism at church which opened the opportunity for her to ask questions about that. She seems excited to learn more and work towards knowing fully what it means to make a commitment to Christ and develop a spiritual relationship with God/Christ.”

“He came home on fire for the Lord!”