Please mark all clothing items with your child's full first and last name and counsel them about being careful not to lose his/her clothing during their week at camp. Usually problems of this nature arise when the child is getting ready to leave camp. Camp Peniel does not take responsibility for recovering lost or misplaced items of clothing. Your child's clothing items are his or her responsibility. We will place a lost and found articles tub near the office. Please check it before leaving on Saturday.


6 Pair underwear

6 pair of socks

2 pair of jeans

1 sweat shirt

1 long sleeve shirt

10 short sleeve shirts - (No Spaghetti Straps and Tank Tops must be 2 fingers wide)

1 nice outfit (girls)

6 pair shorts

1 one-piece swimsuit

1 brimmed hat (baseball or tennis cap)

Camouflage Items (for Mission Impossible!)

1 Laundry bag with name clearly marked on the outside


2 pair of tennis shoes (one for daily use & one grubby pair that can get dirty and wet)

Sport Sandals (with back strap) or water booties for water front activities

Flip Flops - for showering in cabin only

1 Set twin sheets. (If your child is a bed wetter, send several sets of similar sheets)

1 blanket

1 pillow

3 Bath Towels

2 Washcloths

Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss

Soap & Shampoo

1 Beach towel (old one)

Sun block - Write camper's name on bottle; look for a brand designed for children

Complete Bible - Make sure their name is in it!

Water bottle

Optional Items

Stationary and pens, pencils, stamps




Bug spray - bugs are not a problem here, but many children want the protection.

Flashlight - Send a cheap one if possible

Disposable camera - Write camper's name on the camera.

What to Leave Behind

Cell phones, iPod & mp3 players, Game Boys or other electronic devices! THIS APPLIES TO ALL AGES. Girls, please do not bring any valuable jewelry. NO NEED FOR CASH AT CAMP. No tobacco or alcohol products, guns, knives, or anything expensive! Please, also leave markers and snacks (remember the ants) at home.