Board Member

         Responsible to God & Camp Peniel Members

Camp Peniel is always looking for potential board members.  As a religious 501(c)3, Camp Peniel needs board members who are dedicated to Christ and dedicated to camp. Board members work to protect camp in a challenging legal and societal environment; the board meets quarterly to discuss camp business and pursue avenues for camp improvement.

Job Description

  1. A person who has made a personal commitment to Christ [as defined in the Bible passages: John 1:12, John 3:3, and Romans 10:9-10] and who has made a public declaration of this commitment.
  2. Must be a member of Camp Peniel, Inc. A member of the corporation is one who affirms the Camp Peniel Doctrinal Statement and who has demonstrated an investment of time, talent, and/or treasure to Camp Peniel during the current or previous year.
  3. Minimum age of 25.
  4. A person who by Christian character, demonstrates a living testimony of Jesus Christ [as defined in the Bible passages: Romans 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 6:16-17, and Hebrews 10:25].
  5. Annually ascribe, in writing, to the Camp Peniel doctrinal statement.
  6. Attend Board meetings regularly and agree that missing two consecutive meetings serves as their automatic resignation. The Board shall decide whether or not to accept their resignation.


  1. Maintain active membership in an evangelical church.
  2. Be prepared spiritually via thought and prayer for the Board meetings.


  1. Serve as the legal and formal representative of the members of Camp Peniel. The members are those who support camp with their time, talent, or treasure.
  2. Serve as the general fiduciary (those who are entrusted with) of the affairs, funds, property and spiritual integrity of Camp Peniel. They are entrusted with the full power to carry out the purposes of the organization.
  3. As the representatives of the members, the Board will determine and require appropriate organizational performance throughout Camp Peniel.
  4. The Board is responsible to employ and remove the Executive Director (termed Executive) who shall plan, staff and implement a program to achieve the purposes of the Ministry and its members and is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the Ministry. The Executive reports to and is subject to the policy guidelines/ limitations as established by the Board of Directors.
  5. Apply governing policies which, at the broadest level, address the Ministry Goals, Governance Process, and Board-Executive Relationship
  6. In the last quarterly meeting of the fall, review, amend, revise, and approve the annual operating budget for the next fiscal year that is submitted by the Executive.
  7. Participate in the raising of funds and be passionate about supporting the ministry with his or her time, talent, or treasure.
  8. Annually deputize the Executive to solicit contributions from donors to fund budgeted projects. Projects include staff support, general fund, capital improvements and other special needs that further the tax exempt purposes of Camp Peniel.
  9. Be prepared with knowledge of the matters to be discussed at the Board meetings and with appointed tasks given at the prior meeting.
  10. Read and familiarize oneself with the Charter, Doctrinal Statement, Bylaws, and Board Policy Manual annually as part of your preparation to serve. Also, be familiar with any policy manual pertaining to specific areas to which they are assigned. (i.e. the Endowment Trustees, Audit Committee.)
  11. Make informed decisions by insisting on complete and accurate information and then support all decisions once they have been fully discussed and resolved by the Board.
  12. Show respect for others and their opinions and respect the right of others to disagree.
  13. Actively discipline themselves and other members of the Board of Directors by identifying Board actions and conditions that run counter to the stated policies.
  14. Bring to the Chair’s immediate attention any condition, action, or circumstance of the Board that he/she believes exceeds an Executive Limitation Policy or is in non-compliance with Bylaws.
  15. Review any Executive Limitation policy before any enactment taking place.
  16. Assist the Executive in understanding the limits of his authority on any issue.
  17. For further details about the roles of a Camp Peniel Board member, please refer to the Board Policy Manual.

Each Board member serves voluntarily and receives no compensation except travel reimbursement up to an annual total of $200 should member choose to accept it.

Camp Peniel seeks to accurately define and outline the expectations of those working in this ministry.  The above job description comprises almost all of the duties expected of the person(s) holding the above position.  However, for the good of the ministry duties could be added, deleted or altered at a future date.  Any changes will be discussed with the Board with sensitivity to all needs being addressed.  Job Descriptions will also be reviewed and updated annually.

Updated 11/13/2010